How To Make Someone a Saint!

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You've probably never made someone a saint before. Don't worry, not many people have. We've made the process very easy. It takes a little more effort than buying a book on the Internet because this is a very personalized gift.

You can either go directly to the order form, or use the guide below. This guide will step you through the ABC's of sainthood. As you'll see, we provide lots of help along the way. If you want, you can print this page and use it as a guide as you go along.

Here's the overview:

abutton.gif (1828 bytes) First - You get ready by deciding some basics.
bbutton.gif (1818 bytes) Then you work out the details of sainthood for your saint.
cbutton.gif (1829 bytes) Finally, you place the order.

If you would prefer to fill our an order form to fax or mail us, click here for an alternate order form.

abutton.gif (1828 bytes) Getting ready involves three simple steps:

a1button.gif (1797 bytes) Pick a person and occasion.

The person could be your husband, wife, friend, relative, co-worker or anybody you're close to. The occasion could be a birthday, holiday, special event like a wedding or graduation, or "just because".

a2button.gif (1820 bytes) Decide what you want to give them.

Basically there are two options: a Sainthood Certificate and a Cyber Shrine. The certificate is a beautiful document that makes a wonderful present. But if you don't need or want the document itself to give to your saint, you can pick a Cyber Shrine. The best is to do both so your saint can not only admire the certificate but can visit their own shrine on the Internet and let others visit it whenever they want. View the options and then return here by pressing the back button on your browser.

a3button.gif (1821 bytes) Photo or not?

Having a photo of your saint with a halo makes the gift much more special and personal, but if you don't have a photo, we have a St. Cyber (a generic saint) we'll use instead. Learn about the photo options. If you decide to use a photo, round one up so you'll be ready to get it to us.

bbutton.gif (1818 bytes) Once you've made your decisions, you're ready to start the saint-making process. To help with the personalization information, we've provided the form that follows. It's just like the Sainthood Nomination form you'll use to order. We've even put in some Easy Steps in green. These are suggestions you can follow in case you get stuck. But don't feel you're limited to the Easy Steps suggestions. Use your imagination and have fun with this!

b1button.gif (1803 bytes) Pick a Saint Name

This is usually something like "Saint Mildred of Canton". Using a "place" will distinguish one saint from another. The "place" can be a city, street or neighborhood - or a company or organization such as "Saint Carl of the Mounted Police".

Write the choice you've selected below:

Saint ____________________ of __________________________
Use the person's first name            Use the city or neighborhood

b2button.gif (1824 bytes) Patron Saint Information:

Some saints are known as "patron saints" of some special area. So if your saint has a specialty or interest, you can acknowledge that by making them a patron saint of it. For example "Patron Saint of Barbie Doll Collectors". You can also have a general sub-heading like "World's Greatest Mom". Note that this extra line is optional.

Patron Saint of ______________________
Use the person's occupation or hobby.

b3button.gif (1822 bytes) Feast Day

Saints have Feast Days. This is usually their birthday. The saintís Feast Day is a special day when we celebrate the saint. Pick the day and month you would like to have as your saintís Feast Day:

Feast Month:___________ Feast Day:_____________
Use the person's birthday or other special date.

b4button.gif (1816 bytes) Write the citation

The citation is what will be printed on the certificate to explain why the person is deserving of sainthood. It should be less than 25 words. If you get a bad case of writer's block, we've provided some sample citations to help you get started. If you've written out your citation ahead of time it will make the order process easier.

Citation: (Complete the phrase "Your saint is..."
Use one of our sample citations and just change the words to suit your saint.

b5button.gif (1812 bytes) "From" information

We will send your saint a letter or e-mail telling them about their sainthood. Who should we say this is from? You can either use your name "John", and extended name "your sweetheart Mary" or a group name "the accounts payable department".

This is a gift from: ______________________

cbutton.gif (1829 bytes)Now you're ready to order. You can either call us at our toll-free number and we'll walk you through the process, or fill out our on-line order form here. The steps are the same in either case. At any time you can go directly to the order form.

c1button.gif (1800 bytes) Give us the new Saint's information.

This is the same information that is on the form we have for printing. We'll need the saint's name, what they are a patron saint of, a citation, and some other information.

c2button.gif (1821 bytes) Preview the Saint's information.

Sometimes it helps to see what the citation and saint name will look like in the context of the wording and layout of the certificate. If you're doing on-line ordering, you'll get a chance to preview the information you entered. You can leave it as is or go back and make some changes till you get it just the way you want it.

c3button.gif (1819 bytes) Pick the product(s).

This is where you'll make a final decision as to whether you want a certificate, shrine or both. And also where you'll tell us whether you're using a photo or not.

c4button.gif (1813 bytes) Enter your Customer Information.

Here's where you'll provide your name and address and credit card information, as well as the shipping information. Note that we take extra care with your information, even giving you the option of having us remove it after the order is processed. See our Privacy Policy.

c8button.gif (1827 bytes) Review and confirm your order.

You'll be presented with a form that has all the information you entered on the order. You should review this to make sure everything is as you expected. Then press the button to complete the order.

c10button.gif (1850 bytes) Enjoy giving sainthood to your special person.

And let us know anything (good or bad) about the experience. We've heard from lots of people who've said that this is a unique gift that they will always remember.

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