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 Your saint’s information:

Give us the your proposed saint’s name. This is usually something like "Saint Mildred of Canton". Using a "place" will distinguish one saint from another, but it’s optional. The "place" can be a city, street or neighborhood - or a company or organization such as "Saint Carl of the Mounted Police".

Saint     ____________________________________________

of ________________________________________________

 Some saints are known as "patron saints" of some special area. So if your saint has a specialty or interest, you can acknowledge that by making them a patron saint of it. For example "Patron Saint of Barbie Doll Collectors". If you want your saint to be a patron saint, enter that information below:

 Proposed Patron Saint of ________________________________

 Saints have Feast Days. This is usually their birthday. The saint’s Feast Day is a special day when we celebrate the saint. Enter the day and month you would like to have as your saint’s Feast Day:

 Feast Day ______________________________ 

Next, we ask you (in about 25 words) to give us the reasons you think this person deserves to be a saint. This citation will appear on the certificate or shrine in the form of "(first name) is…".

Citation (complete the phrase "Your Saint is____"):




We will send your saint a letter or e-mail telling them about their sainthood. Who should we say this is from? You can either use your name "John", and extended name "your sweetheart Mary" or a group name "the Accounts Payable department".

This is a Gift from ___________________________

Saint's E-mail address _______________________

Where did you hear about us? Or email address of the person who referred you? ________________________________


Sainthood Proclamation

Sample Proclamation of Sainthood CertificateThe “Proclamation of Sainthood” is a high-quality reproduction of an original, signed work of art printed on parchment paper.  It certifies the new Cyber Saint’s status and can be optionally personalized with the saint's picture!  This is a great gift or recognition award for someone special.  A congratulatory letter from the First Cyber Church of the Millennium will be mailed with the certificate.

Special Photo Option

If you optionally supply a photo of the saint, we will sepia-tone it and put a halo on the saint.  The  Cyber Saint’s photo then is printed on the “Proclamation of Sainthood“ certificate or appears on the Cyber Shrine. 

Sample Cyber ShrineCyber Shrine

 The Cyber Shrine is a replica of a shrine you would find in an old  church or temple, except it exists only in the First Cyber Church of the Millennium’s “virtual cathedral”.  A congratulatory e-mail will provide the “keys” (URL address and password) to this private alcove only to the Cyber Saint.  The shrine can be viewed for one year and then can be renewed on the Cyber Saint’s feast day!

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Sainthood Certificate





Cyber Shrine

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