& Halo Effects, Inc. Policies and Practices

We care about your privacy, security and satisfaction. If you contact us or order any product, your name and any information about your nominee, including addresses, phone numbers, any photographs and e-mail addresses will be placed on our Customer Database. This information will not be used except for the internal administration of orders. This may include renewal of Cyber Shrines or notices of new products.

We may offer, from time to time, a referral program, whereby customers may earn credits for orders that come from referrals to their friends. You will be notified if this program changes any aspect of the privacy policy noted above and your approval will be requested if it affects you individually.

All online orders are sent through a Secure Server which uses industry standard RC4 with 40-bit encryption to encrypt all financial and order information. We will take every precaution to keep your credit card information safe when you use this system. After your order is processed, your credit card information will be taken to an "off-line" database.  You can optionally request to have all customer information deleted after the order is fully processed.

If you are not comfortable with this level of security, you may place your order with us over the phone by calling our us (818) 233-0262.

Warranty and Disclaimers

Everything we create for you or your nominee is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't completely happy with your purchase, for whatever reason, we will correct any mistakes, credit your account, or refund your money...whichever you prefer.

However, we cannot be responsible for anything you put into a certificate which causes any offense or harm to your nominee or anyone else.

We reserve the right to refuse orders that contain offensive language or remove any shrines with such language.

We will use our best judgment to make good faith changes to the grammar, spelling or punctuation to conform the certificate or shrine to widely-accepted standards of grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you intend a deliberate "non-standard" result, please let us know so such corrections will not be attempted.

We will make every effort to return photos sent to us, but won't be responsible for losses or damage to the photos.

In no event will, Halo Effects, Inc. or any person involved with these entities be liable for any costs or damages in excess of the cost of any product ordered for any reason whatsoever.

We appreciate your business and interest in!

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