Cyber Sainthood Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is a Cyber Saint the same as a real Saint?

No, it certainly is not! However, there are some real advantages to Cyber Sainthood:

Real Saint

Cyber Saint

Deceased Still alive!
Have to complete complicated paperwork and wait many years Complete an easy checklist and use a credit card
Need lots of people to vouch for you One person who cares can do it all
Must show proof of miracles No miracles required

To give you an idea of the difference between's process and that of a major religion, go to the following link and compare the level of complexity:

Making a real saint

Q. Is the First Cyber Church of the Millennium (FCCM) a real church or affiliated with any organized religion?

A. Not a chance.

Q. Does the First Cyber Church of the Millennium have any creed or beliefs?

A. Only two: 1. Don’t worry. 2. Be happy.

Q. Isn’t what you’re doing an insult to real saints?

A. We haven’t had a single complaint from a real saint. But we'll post all such complaints on this web site.

Q. Couldn’t someone view this as disrespectful towards religion?

A. We suppose someone could, but our intent is to provide a unique way to acknowledge people you care about.

Q. If I'm designated a Cyber Saint, does that mean I’ll be able to perform miracles?

A. You have to understand that real saints were made saints because they performed miracles - they did not perform miracles because someone made them a saint. Although we would not discourage anyone from trying to perform a miracle - even those not designated as a Cyber Saint - this DOES NOT include anything that will put you or others in jeopardy. How about trying to reform the IRS tax code or curing athlete's foot?

If, by some chance, you do perform an actual miracle, we would love to hear about it so we can give you the recognition you deserve on If you've been designated a Cyber Saint, we'll also give you another free certificate attesting to your accomplishment!

Q. I noticed you mentioned that the Cyber Shrine is in the First Cyber Church of the Millennium cathedral. Can I view other cyber shrines that are in the FCCM cathedral?

A. Our construction crew of volunteer serfs are working on this project - to build a Cyber Grotto that all can visit. When this grotto is finished, all Cyber Saints who have given permission for public visits will have Cyber Shrines that can be viewed by public and pilgrims alike.

Q. Will the FCCM sell indulgences or relics of Cyber Saints?

A. Hmm...look for this on eBay in the near future.

Q. This is a very juvenile concept - who is running this so-called church/business?

A. "" is indeed a business, originated and managed by a couple of old "war buddies" and their significant others. One was the pilot and the other the back-seat guy (RIO) of "Apple Flight", a Marine Corps F-4 Phantom crew that flew from Chu Lai, Republic of Viet Nam in 1968-69. Both decided that "Catch-22" contained guidance just as useful to flying missions as anything else and therefore they survived a collective 650+ missions. The pilot became a senior executive with a software applications company and the other guy worked eventually for a major entertainment company in an uncreative position. Both still believe that goodness should be rewarded.

Q. I read on your inquiries page that is located in Toluca Lake, California.  Where the heck is Toluca Lake?

A. Toluca Lake is a Los Angeles neighborhood located immediately adjacent to Burbank between the Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures studios. It’s known as “The Village” to its residents, which have included Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Amelia Earhart and Jonathan Winters over its history.

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