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The Most Wonderful Gift!

Sainthood may be the ultimate gift!  For those persons you would like to acknowledge for their wonderful and enduring qualities - and when candy, champagne, or a surprise vacation is simply not enough - now there is an appropriate cyberspace alternative:

Nominate him or her for Sainthood!

Obviously, several well established religions have elaborate and thorough procedures for creating real saints and our newly created category of "Cyber Saints" should not be confused with any real saints. But, let's face it, while other saint creating bodies have their standards and patient processes, cyberspace is big enough for a lighter, faster sainthood! And this is where it all starts.

Nominate Your Friends and Family Members!

Spring is here and what could be nicer - and more original - than "Sainthood" for  your friends as a gift for those who are special to you?  It's also a great way to show your appreciation for "someone" for any season! And it's not too early to think of Mother's Day and graduations!

Because of wonderful stories about us in the Cincinnati Enquirer and the "LA Weekly", the Sainthood order process is being upgraded* to serve our many new visitors.  The order system is MUCH easier to use and shows all our "Sainthood Options", which is a range of gifts from $9.95 to $59.95 (less a holiday discount)!

Try out the new system, send us your comments and nominate a spouse, secret interest, new romance or anyone special for Sainthood!  To introduce cyber-cruisers to the revised ordering system, we're offering free shipping AND a 20% discount on all orders that mention the Cincinnati Enquirer or LA Weekly articles! And look for Sainthood on eBay!

Currently, you cannot order "on line", so please use our alternative order form to complete an order.  This alternative form can be sent by mail, by email or by phone.

After sending the order form, a PayPal address will be sent to you for payment. 

*testing continues, so phone or try later if the order process isn't working correctly

How does it work?

There are two ways to recognize the Cyber Saint:

A beautiful, personalized, parchment (like) certificate or a unique Cyber Shrine on the Internet.

You supply the pertinent information like the proposed saint name and the reasons the person is deserving of Cyber Sainthood, the officials at the First Cyber Church of the Millennium (FCCM) create either the certificate, Cyber Shrine, or both.

To get more information and to see examples of the certificate and Cyber Shrine, go to:

Sainthood Options

Canonization Certificate for Saints

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large certificate

To begin the Cyber Sainthood nomination process, first go to the "how to" page:

How To Make Someone a Saint

or go directly to the ordering page:

Nominating Someone for Cyber Sainthood

What's this all about?

To learn more about Cyber Sainthood, the FCCM or to find the answers to other questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at:


Our rebate program also remains in effect - you or your favorite charity will earn $5 for each order which mentions you as a referral.  See:

Rebate Referral Program

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